National Quality Forum


Washington, DC


27,000 SF

Market Sector/Type

Commercial Office

Our Approach

National Quality Forum (NQF) was ready for a significant overhaul and 24,000 square feet on 14th Street in DC enabled that change. Like so many other clients, the organization was tired of individual offices walling off employees and inhibiting communication; they were ready to move to something more open and collaborative. sshape outfitted the office with team rooms, low-partition workstations, and open social spaces first. Flexible partitions and furniture came next to prepare the office to host big events and, afterwards, transition back to the day-to-day set up with little effort. The finishes are sleek and simple: linear, fractured wood ceiling panels and a muted color scheme lend the space texture but avoid major thematic commitment so as not to clash with forthcoming branding. The project is the perfect endorsement of the design team’s flexibility and gives NQF the space they need for their transformation to take root. +Maximum flexibility to accommodate growth +A variety of collaboration areas to allow for meeting and agile work sites