Brittany Hult

Project Designer

Drawn to art and design from a young age, Brittany gravitated towards creative pursuits. Discovering Interior Design in 7th grade, she set her sights on this path. An animal lover and vegan, Brittany’s empathy extends to her work, where she infuses each project with the same care and respect she has for animals. Her talent lies in crafting unique material combinations and conceptual palettes, along with a masterful use of color theory. This passion for design transcends her profession; it’s etched into her life with twelve self-designed tattoos.

  • Book or Podcast?
    Books, books, and more books
  • Dog or Cat?
    I have both, but I think I am secretly a dog person
  • Favorite Band/Artist?
    I go through music seasons but right now my favorite is Sullivan King
  • Dream Dinner Guest?
    Betty White