Lisa Winkler

As a child, Lisa dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photographer, traveling the world with a long lens and an expense account. Though she ultimately turned her love of art and math into a career as a designer, instead, she’s still lived the adventurous photojournalist lifestyle, summiting three volcanoes (so far). Her favorite part of being a designer is seeing ideas becoming engaging, habitable reality.

Mariale Gonzales-Prada

Like most people, Mariale spent her childhood in Peru immersed in German international education. Those early years gave her an appreciation for both Bauhaus design and the intersection of the natural and built environments evident in the cliff-top construction of Lima’s coastline. A move to the DC area and high school visits to the National Gallery layered on a love of I.M. Pei’s New Modernism. Mariale’s desire to apply her unique influences and worldview led her to design, where she enjoys creative problem-solving and the opportunity to bring monumental ideas to fruition.

Michelle Moncayo

Michelle grew up in a family in the construction industry so it wasn’t a stretch when she decided to become a designer. One of her favorite parts of the process is working within a team environment and collaborating.

Michelle Syer

As a designer, Michelle flourishes by participating in hands-on projects that positively change both human lives and the constructed natural environments. When she’s not enjoying a good book or at a concert with friends, Michelle relishes the chance to troubleshoot and apply her creativity professionally. The boundless potential and innovative aspects of shaping experiences and narrating stories through design fuel her imagination.

Nicole Sears

Nicole brings a background in fitness and employee wellness to sshape, combining her love of eye-catching, functional design with careful consideration of how workspaces affect human wellbeing. Her multidisciplinary design approach draws inspiration from the Bauhaus era’s embrace of cross-pollination between mediums. At sshape, Nicole uses a human-centered approach to create spaces that build connection and encourage greater innovation and creativity.


Pilar Vallejo

Having exceptional skills in mathematics and geometry, Pilar knew she was destined to be either an engineer or a designer. However, since she also has a creative mindset and a love for arts, she ultimately decided Architecture school was a better fit. With her background and curious attitude, it should be no shock to hear that if she could go anywhere in a time machine, she would travel to Egypt and Maya civilizations to study how the pyramids were built.

Preeti Reddy, IIDA

From jewelry to postcards to wrapping paper and wallpaper, Preeti is a creative force whose desire to make and improvise steered her to interior design. The same passion for detail that she pours into a pair of customized Chuck Taylors drives her deep understanding of the workplace design and construction process. For more than 17 years, she has applied her skills to designing thoughtful, imaginative interiors. Preeti’s commitment to mentorship and continuous learning keeps her inspired every day.

Robert Clark

Drawn to creating healthy, sustainable, and resilient spaces, Robert brings his passion for the environment to his design work. In high school, his love for golf translated into his design pursuits, culminating in a senior externship project where he designed a five-acre golf practice facility. College further honed his sketching and modeling skills, equipping him to bring his visions to life. Now on the path to becoming a registered architect, Robert enjoys exploring DC with his fiancée in his free time.

Roger Sola-Sole

High school trips to Barcelona shaped Roger’s choice of both sports and vocation. FC Barcelona’s footwork on the pitch made him a lifelong soccer fan, while Antoni Gaudi’s Catalan Modernism opened his eyes to design. Since then, he’s spent more than 25 years listening to clients’ needs and transforming their stories into innovative, expressive workplace designs. He’s still an avowed Barça fan, but he’s also made room in his heart for his three children and DC United.

Stephanie Berry, IIDA

Stephanie has officially been an interior designer for 13 years, but she’s been in the game much longer than that. She spent the 1990s watching her fine artist mom faux finish residential interiors and went all-in after interning with an interior designer in high school. Now that she’s gone pro, Stephanie’s design process is still inspired by fine art, and she still has a soft spot for finish selections.


Travis Herret, AIA, IIDA

Over 18 years, Travis has managed award-winning projects that have helped clients redefine and elevate their brands and companies through creative, functional design solutions. If there’s a window to Travis’s soul, though, it’s his garage, where vintage drafting lamps, fiberglass Eames chairs, and a well-stickered beer fridge share space with cargo bikes, racing bikes, and the wheeled accouterments of being a dad to two young children.