Carl M. Freeman Companies


Bethesda, MD


9,800 SF

Market Sector/Type

Commercial Office

Our Approach

For more than two decades, Carl M. Freeman Companies had occupied the same Rockville, MD office space. However, they recognized that this environment had become antiquated and no longer resonated with their identity or future aspirations. Collaborating closely with the client, the design team crafted an office environment that not only highlighted their branding and identity but also seamlessly integrated abundant natural light. Carl M. Freeman Companies relocated to a 9,800 square foot contemporary office space situated within the emerging Pike and Rose development in Bethesda, MD. The reception area's layout was carefully orchestrated to revolve around the original Ansel Adam’s photograph, ensuring its optimal presentation while also providing stunning panoramic views. The office hub functions as a versatile zone where staff can collaborate, relax, and dine throughout the day. With its spectacular vistas and ample natural light, this space also features a dedicated mini putting green for employees to refine their golf swings. Overall, the new space cultivates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, while radiating sophistication through its distinctive touches and art installations spread across the office.