Confidential Client


Northern Virginia


80,000 SF

Market Sector/Type

Commercial Office

Our Approach

This client partnered with sshape to create a meticulously designed workspace that transcends the traditional office experience and places employee well-being and engagement at the forefront with its dynamic layout. A monumental interconnecting stair serves as a central hub, promoting vertical movement and connection through several floors. A state-of-the-art conference center seamlessly flows into an adjoining innovation lounge, providing an elevated client experience. This integration effortlessly combines cutting-edge AV for conference training programs, while the innovation lounge offers full amenities for breakout sessions, heads down work, and informal collaboration. Recognizing the diverse work styles of its multi-generational workforce, the design offers a welcoming café and coffee bar for casual interaction, while an Old-English inspired library provides a sanctuary for quiet work. Biophilic design principles come alive in a lush indoor greenhouse, adorned with playful graphics, offering a unique space for rejuvenation and inspiration that brings the outdoors inside. The holistic approach creates a dynamic work environment that sparks idea exchange and teamwork, ultimately contributing to employee well-being and organizational success.