Confidential Venture Capital Firm


Bethesda, MD


22,600 SF

Market Sector/Type

Commercial Office

Our Approach

sshape's design for this confidential venture capital firm prioritized a revitalized workspace bathed in natural light, aiming to attract and retain talent in the post-pandemic era. This Bethesda, MD office expansion, enticed employees back with an emphasis on flexibility and collaboration. Adaptable conference rooms with movable walls transformed to fit various group sizes, while fully equipped video rooms and focus areas fostered seamless remote interaction. The design embraced collaboration with a spacious lounge for informal gatherings and dedicated teaming and focus spaces for diverse meeting styles and solo work. Biophilia was woven throughout the office, creating a welcoming and well-being-focused environment. This expansion wasn't just about accommodating growth; it was about crafting a space that prioritized employee well-being and fostered a collaborative spirit. *In collaboration with Perkins + Will