Delavan, WI


14,000 SF

Market Sector/Type

Commercial Office

Our Approach

Transforming from a traditional rural workplace to a vibrant corporate hub was the calling card for Millennium’s ambitious Headquarters office redesign in Delavan, WI. Recognizing the crucial role of environment in employee satisfaction and productivity, the aim was to elevate the space beyond its physical dimensions. The design focused on a modern and sophisticated aesthetic weaved into every element of the office space. Branding played a central role from the architectural finishes to intricate details in the environmental graphics. The signature red used in the piping and cabling, connects every department, symbolizing a cohesive and unified entity. The executive suite is a lounge-like haven for collaboration and entertainment, fostering innovative ideas and relaxed connections. The office space was meticulously designed to foster collaboration and accommodate team dynamics. In addition, a modern fitness facility and dedicated relaxation zones emphasize a holistic approach to well-being. The shift towards a space that motivates, energizes, and empowers its staff and clients reflects the success of the environment. Through investing in the work atmosphere for their employees, the company was also investing in its own future, constructing a hub of motivation, one ergonomic workstation and one vibrant collaboration zone at a time.